Probationer Enrollment Opening Again! April 1st, 2016

The new website is up and running, and TDS is more alive than ever. We have regular video lectures being posted, workshops and magical holidays scheduled throughout the year, and our current probationers are midway through their class. We’re preparing now to open the doors again for another probationer period so that we can quickly reach our size limit and close our public doors again.

Enrollment opens soon, on April 1st, which is just two short months away. If you, or your friends or family, are interested in joining, please keep updated on our site.

Be victorious.

Probationer Enrollment Winter 2015 Closed

The enrollment period for the probationer class this year has now officially ended. We would like to thank everyone who applied and emphasize that we simply cannot accept every application due to space and resources. Acceptance emails will be sent out this next week with instructions for registration into the class. We look forward to seeing you all!

Probationer Enrollment Opens Oct 16th

The beta testing of our new teaching system took a little longer than expected but is going great! We now have all of our current students on the new website, and have begun initiating them into the new school structure. As such, we will open probationer enrollment on October 16th-November 15th with classes starting shortly after. On October 16th, you will find an enrollment form on this website that you will then have to submit. We encourage students to submit their application as soon as possible once enrollment opens. After November 15th, acceptance emails will be sent out with further instructions.

Please sign up for our newsletter in order to receive school updates and enrollment information. If you have already signed up, please do so again as we have recently updated our subscription service. You can find the subscription form on the left sidebar. If it says you have already subscribed, please refresh your browsers cache. Thanks!

Probationer Enrollment Opens Soon

Over the past several months we have been laboring to develop a new streamlined teaching system that will run on a new website. Students will progress more fluidly through the school at their own pace, and through experience we have learned how to more effectively spread out the various steps of magical training over time. Much of the class material has been rewritten, reordered, and expanded upon. In addition, the internal website has been redesigned to be more intuitive and user friendly. Unfortunately this has taken longer than we anticipated, so we thank you for your patience during this transition. We are now in the final stages of implementing this new system. Probationer enrollment will open in September with classes starting in October, so check back regularly!

Probationer Class postponed for Web Work

Our school is currently undergoing a lot of upgrading , and the website through which the classes are offered is being changed and improved. While this is going on we will be having no new classes so that we can focus on improving the experience of our students. Tentatively we are intending to begin new Probationer classes in the summer, and encourage any hopeful students to check back here in May or June for an exact date.