About the School

The Divine Science is an online school which provides structured classes in the western mystery tradition, to which this public website acts as a portal. We take this tradition to have platonic hermeticism as its philosophy and theurgy as its practical heart, a union which has existed for two thousand years. Students of the school are acquainted with the ancient esoteric teachings of Plato, especially in their vehicle of hermetic philosophy, for their intellectual education. Yet while a philosophical and intellectual grounding is certainly important for a good foundation, the real emphasis of this school is on practice and the achievement of meaningful results in the field of mysticism.

Where this school differs from other sources of instruction in these arts is its fountain, as it is not rooted in books, websites, or modern movements and post-renaissance orders. Instead, this school is the outer vehicle of ancient generational lineages which have kept the master-disciple procession (the “paradosis”) intact. The head instructors of the school were never required to rely on publicly available source material such as Agrippa, nor on the well known occult authors of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Instead this school and its curriculum are the results of apprenticeship to real, living adepts, and the understanding which crystallized after years of practicing lineage-unique meditations and rituals. The Divine Science’s brand of hermeticism is, therefore, different from many of the modern sects.

This school was created to supplement the existing corpus of the western hermetic mysteries, and its practice which we call theurgy, by drawing on ancient wells of wisdom from long-running lineages. The teachings presented here therefore go far back before modern Orders and renaissance hermetic movements, and as such, differ from them in major areas. For more information on particulars, readers should consult the FAQ section.

The Classes of the School

The Divine Science Online offers online classes designed to systematically guide the student through his or her progress as an aspiring mystic and equip the student with the tools which will guarantee success. This idea, “guaranteed success,” is close to the hearts of the teachers of this school. In our classes we exhaust every possible means available to us to ensure that our students are having clear, visible, and objective success in their practices. To do this, a highly interactive classroom system has been designed which puts each student individually at the heart of the classes. The courses are given in closely manageable class sizes. Assistant Teachers guide and monitor the progress of students during their probationer and preliminary classes, and eventually, the more senior students are handed over for direct instruction under one of the Head Instructors, Ramose and Veos.

A constant school-wide chat is always running, as are smaller class-wide chats only accessible to members of each classroom, both of which are frequented by teachers for impromptu lectures and chats. There are also scheduled question and answer sessions with the teachers for their classes to help make sure that everyone is progressing well in the understanding of the material. Live streaming video lectures from both assistant teachers and head instructors are also given periodically, as are live video Q&As. Events held at the temple, such as the magical observance of the equinox and solstice, are streamed online for distant students. Finally, at the entry into each level, oral and energetic empowerments are given through video stream by the head teacher to initiate everyone into the next level of instruction. All of this is encompassed by a thriving community of fellow students, working together to help one another get through the obstacles inherent to the path.

Though the school is centered around the online teaching activities, there are also workshops, weekend-long events, and large spiritual retreats made available to students who complete the probationer course and enter the school proper. These are all done in person, hosted by instructors who believe that every student should have a real and living relationship with their teachers.

We strongly believe that every student is different and that a single “prescribed” line of teaching is not effective for everyone. We give our students individual attention, encourage and inspire them when they are not performing as well as they could, and acknowledge and reward them when they perform exceptionally. Each student is encouraged to develop a close relationship with the teacher of the class so that the teacher can give uniquely tailored advice for the student’s individual needs. Though there is necessarily a central progression of knowledge lectures and practices which all students will share in common, individual students will still often receive unique instructions from their teachers based on their own progress and inclinations.

By taking this approach to spiritual instruction we have been able to direct our students to certain progress. Only well-trained instructors teach the classes, those who have been a part of the lineage already for several years and who work tirelessly to answer the questions of their students and look after their needs. The results for our students have not only been remarkable even by optimistic standards, but have also been highly consistent.


Our online classes are divided into three sections:

 1. The Probationary Period, a completely free online class available to all who apply in order to introduce them to theurgy and its teachings. This has evolved into a one-on-one structure, so if you would like to join the school, send in your application at any time. If accepted, you will receive a reply email which will begin your probationary period.
2. The Preliminary Cycle, the next step from the free Probationer Class. This is the first grade of the school itself and comprises a large collection of educational material alongside a preliminary purification routine specific to our school meant to prepare the student for more powerful and alchemical meditations. As such, an empowerment is given at the start of this grade.
 3. The Three Levels. The student who reaches Level I has proven him or herself dedicated to the path, having spent significant time and effort working through the purification process while digesting the teachings of theurgy. As such, this student is deemed ready to begin a higher level of educational, mystical, and magical training that occurs on a one-on-one basis, being personally guided through specific techniques relevant to the student's unfoldment alongside a more broad spectrum of practices relevant to everyone, such as our method of ritual consecration. As with the Preliminary Cycle, each of these three levels also comes with their own empowerment. At the completion of Level III, the student is considered worthy of initiation into the Inner Teachings.

For further information, see Class Structure.

The Articles

Understanding that not every casual visitor is going to be ready to take the great step towards pursuing theurgy, our school provides free public articles for the perusal of our readers. These essays, presented in the articles section of the website, are aimed at the education of large numbers of people. Not everyone will find the inspiration and motivation to join the structured classes, but every person interested in magic still has the right to know what true magic actually is, discovering the ancient and sacred science of theurgy for themselves.

The public articles cover a wide array of subjects, written by the teachers and head instructors of the school. Though there is a natural limit imposed upon what can be openly and publicly taught, we push that limit as far as is reasonable, providing articles aimed at the beginning student and advanced scholar alike. We also endeavor to regularly update the website with new content and articles on fresh subjects in order to encourage visitors to return frequently.

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