Class Structure

Online Classes

The classes given by The Divine Science Online focus on the intellectual and practical education of the student from a balanced hermetic point of view. Following the most ancient and time-honored traditions in this regard, all students begin by learning about themselves, how their thoughts and emotions function, and how to gain control of them through self discipline. Once the character has been balanced and spiritualized, then the student progresses onward to utilizing magical energies, awakening the faculties of truth, and other higher endeavors. The support for all such progress in this direction is of course constant spiritual growth and expansion of consciousness, encouraged by the theurgic meditations learned as one advances.

In our tradition, there are only three major initiatory levels: Aspirant, Initiate, and Adept. The Outer School for this lineage conducts students through the grades of the Aspirant, preparing them for true Initiation. This takes place throughout the course of what we call the Preliminary Cycle and the Three Levels of the Outer School, wherein the student will learn the entire foundation of theurgy and will prepare his or her spiritual vehicles, mind, and consciousness for true hieratic work in the later grades of Initiate and Adept.

Prior to entry into the Preliminary Cycle of the School is a Probationary Period. This serves as an introductory course and gives the student time to decide whether or not this is the right path for his or her spiritual evolution. The Probationary Period is currently handled one-on-one, and it is comprised of eighteen lectures over a number of weeks with direct supervision and instruction from a teacher.

The Probationary Period

The path of Theurgy is a rewarding path and can take every student to the greatest heights, but to do this is a life commitment. It is a time-honored tradition amongst temples of the Hermetic Science to open its outermost sanctum to all who would come and discover for themselves whether or not it was the right path for them. The period of learning that the hopeful student would then begin was called the Probation, and its members were called Probationers. During their probation, aspiring students would learn the basic, fundamental philosophies and approaches of the school they were applying for; nothing so serious or intense as to demand secrecy or oaths, but still enough to let the student get a feel for the temple and its practices.

Here at the School of the Divine Science we continue that tradition. As a prerequisite for any learning, each new student must undergo a probationary period and must have completed the Probationary Period. This allows every student of the path to get a first-hand experience of this system and its tradition by learning its core philosophies and beginning the actual practices that will lead to spiritual advancement.

The Probationary Period is completely free to join, and is open to all who apply. Our primary goal is to maintain an unmatched level of quality in our instructions and our teaching style where we make every student individually important and where every student can have an active relationship with his or her teacher. When the class is completed, every student can decide for his or her self whether or not to continue in this system and join the school.

General Outline of Things Learned

  • The proper and spiritual definition of magic as a divine science.
  • The Five Goals of Theurgy.
  • The Five Jewels of the Soul, and their role in our evolution.
  • How to purify and refine the emotional self in order to achieve peace and receive greater spiritual energies.
  • Meditations for the silencing of the mind, the control of the passions, and the purification of the psychic channels of the body.

The Preliminary Cycle

After the Probationary Period, those students who have decided to pursue their training in this school will be graduated at their teacher's permission. According to their progress and activity, each student will be invited to attend the empowerment into the Preliminary Cycle. This empowerment is from one of the Daskalodoi, and it is both educational and energetic, meaning that the heart of the teachings for that level are conveyed and an energetic transmission is imparted to empower the meditations of that grade. Maintaining the practice of all temples and schools in this tradition, only the Probationary Period is open to everyone. All subsequent classes are invitation-only, at the discretion of the teachers, based upon the progress and attitude of the student.

At this point, you are considered a serious student, and so we expect from you not only a tangible show of devotion and sacrifice for this path, but more importantly, we expect you to help contribute to the learning of other students. By charging a basic fee we are able to ensure that each student really wants to continue in the classes, and we are able to invest in ways that will bring these teachings to more people.

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