The Aspirant Class

After the Probationer Class, those students who have decided to pursue their training in this school will endure the remainder of a probationary period under the supervision of the teachers. According to their progress and activity, each student will be invited to attend the Aspirant Class when that student is ready. Maintaining the practice of all temples and schools in this tradition, only the Probationer Class is open to everyone. The Aspirant Class as well as all subsequent classes are invitation-only, at the discretion of the teachers, based upon the progress and attitude of the student.

Beginning with the Aspirant Class you are considered a serious student, and so we expect from you not only a tangible show of devotion and sacrifice for this path, but more importantly we expect you to help contribute to the learning of other students. By charging a basic fee we are able to ensure that each student really wants to continue in the classes, and we are able to invest in ways that will bring these teachings to more people.

Like the Probationer Class before it, the Aspirant Class is still seen as an introductory course. Generally speaking, the Probationer Class allows the student to decide whether or not theurgy is what he is looking for in his spiritual path. If this is so, then the student may advance to the Aspirant Class, allowing him time to see if this particular lineage of theurgy is how he wishes to pursue it. Therefore the Aspirant Class contains higher information than the Probationer Class, and begins the instruction of the student in certain doctrines which are lineage specific, giving greater detail about the spiritual philosophies of our school, and initiating the student into greater practices.

General Outline of Things Learned

  • What the plastic imagination is, and how it is developed in order to allow the student to interact with otherwise invisible and unreachable energies.
  • What the life force or “pneuma” is, and how it purifies the theurgist.
  • The theurgic doctrine of internal energy, including how major energy channels and storage points are arranged within the body according to the ancient sages.
  • What the Guardian Angel is, and how it impacts life.
  • The theurgic explanation of life, death, and reincarnation.
  • The traditional spiritual attainments and meditative states of the theurgist, and in what order they progress from the start of meditation until the achievement of God-Union.
  • How the life force is controlled by breath, including a meditation using this principle for the purification and strengthening of the aura.

How to Enroll