How to Enroll

As the times comes near for a new probationer class to open up, information regarding the class will be posted in the news section of the website, accompanied by the application. The application is usually three questions pertaining to personal convictions, general information about yourself, and an inquiry into any past spiritual practices. There is no right or wrong answer to the questions posed on the application; we want to see the genuine you.

The class information and application will be posted usually within 45 days of when the new class will start, and enrollment will be open for a maximum of 30 days. If you are serious about getting into the class, then we strongly encourage you not to postpone sending in your application once the enrollment period has opened up. There is a high demand for the classes, and the enrollment period, though it has a maximum of thirty days, will close as soon as the class is full. Thus (as an example), if after three days all of the openings for the class have been filled, then the enrollment period will end after only three days.

How can I avoid missing the enrollment period?

Regularly check the news section, at least once a week, for any information. If you sign up for our newsletter, you will be able to see some of what’s happening in our school as well as be notified when enrollment begins and ends. Many Gmail users lose our newsletter in the “Promotions Tab” of their Inbox, so be sure to check there or in Spam. The newsletter goes out in the beginning of each month.

Is it difficult to be accepted into the class?

No. All we are looking for in probationer applications is whether or not you are genuine and actually appear to be interested in pursuing this science. As long as you can write clearly and intelligibly, and thoroughly answer the questions asked, you will not be rejected. However, even with a great application, there is no guarantee that you will be enrolled in the class. It largely depends on how many other people applied and how many have already been accepted. For other factors that loosely influence acceptance, see the answer to the question, “If I didn’t get into one the classes, why might I have been rejected?” in the FAQ section of the website.

Note: Sending an email to the teachers about your interest in the classes does not increase your chances of being accepted. It is still up to you to stay updated on the website and submit your application to the right place once the enrollment period has begun.