How to Enroll

The Probationary Period is always available. To join, use our contact page to send in the answers to the application provided below. There are no right or wrong answers to the questions posed on the application. We want to see the genuine you.

How can I stay connected?

If you sign up for our newsletter, you will be able to see some of what’s happening in our school. Many Gmail users lose our newsletter in the “Promotions Tab” of their Inbox, so be sure to check there or in Spam. The newsletter goes out in the beginning of each month.

Is it difficult to be accepted?

No. All we are looking for in probationer applications is whether or not you are genuine and actually appear to be interested in pursuing this science. As long as you can write clearly and intelligibly, and thoroughly answer the questions asked, you will not be rejected.


  1. What is your spiritual history? Give a general description of any spiritual disciplines you have engaged in prior to this class. There is no discrimination against different paths. This simply helps the teachers know more about you.
  2. What are your spiritual views? Give a brief description of your view of God. No religious belief is discriminated against, but the pursuit of divinity is integral to this path, so this description will better help the teachers understand where you are coming from spiritually.
  3. What are you looking for in this class? What goals do you have that you hope this class will help you accomplish? What are your expectations of this school? This will help us make sure we are the right school for you.
  4. Where did you hear about us?

Send this application to us through our Contact Page, but before doing so, we recommend reading this page: Things to Know Before Applying.