Magic as a Divine Science

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The thesis of The Divine Science Online, and how our lineage views theurgy and magic. This article contains the essential philosophical points of the true nature of magic, what its essential purpose is, and how it serves to bring the mystic directly to God. For readers wondering what our essential philosophies are, and what approach we take to magic and mysticism, this is the article that should be read. It highlights the antiquity of viewing theurgy as a mystical path, seeing theurgy as the heart of all magic, and indicates the necessity of returning “magic” to its roots as a divine science.


 1) The Definition of Magic as a Divine Science
 2) Self Realization as the Goal of Magic
 3) The Anatomy of a Magician’s Self Realization
 4) The Meaning of Spiritual Liberation
 5) Triune Development Necessary to be a True Magician
 6) Detachment, and Control Over the Senses
 7) Religion as a Key and Frame of Reference