Probationer Class

The path of Theurgy is a rewarding path and can take every student to the greatest heights, but to do this is a life commitment. It is a time-honored tradition amongst temples of the Hermetic Science to open its outermost sanctum to all who would come and discover for themselves whether or not it was the right path for them. The period of learning that the hopeful student would then begin was called the Probation, and its members were called Probationers. During their probation, aspiring students would learn the basic, fundamental philosophies and approaches of the school they were applying for; nothing so serious or intense as to demand secrecy or oaths, but still enough to let the student get a feel for the temple and its practices.

Here at the School of the Divine Science we continue that tradition, allowing students to enter into an online classroom setting with a group of peers seeking answers to the same questions. As a prerequisite for any learning, each new student must undergo a probationary period, and must have completed the Probationer Class. This allows every student of the path to get a first-hand experience of this system and its tradition by learning its core philosophies and beginning the actual practices that will lead to spiritual advancement.

The Probationer Class is completely free to join, and is open to all who apply. In this class each student will learn directly under a teacher, within small class-sizes of twenty to twenty-five students. Our primary goal is to maintain an unmatched level of quality in our instructions and our teaching style, where we make every student individually important, and where every student can have an active relationship with his or her teacher. In order to maintain these high standards of quality, however, we must train high quality teachers. This takes time, and therefore the demand for the Probationer Class is usually greater than the number of teachers we have available. This means that there is a limited number of positions open for the Probationer Classes each time that they are offered, in order to keep our class sizes manageable. If an application for the Probationer Class is rejected, it is usually because our classes are already full. Hopeful students with good applications, but who could not be accepted because there were no openings left, will be given a high priority for acceptance the next time the class is offered.

When the class is completed, every student can decide for his or her self whether or not to continue in this system to the Aspirant Class.

General Outline of Things Learned

  • The proper and spiritual definition of magic as a divine science.
  • The Five Goals of Theurgy
  • The Five Jewels of the Soul, and their role in our evolution
  • How to purify and refine the emotional self, in order to achieve peace and receive greater spiritual energies.
  • Meditations for the silencing of the mind, the control of the passions, and the purification of the psychic channels of the body.

How to Enroll