Articles on Theurgy

A Letter of Introduction to TheurgyView PDF

An introductory article written as a personal invitation to the study and practice of theurgy. It answers several common questions, and addresses the most common concerns which prospective aspirants often have. It is written in a way that should be understandable by the earliest of beginners, and would serve as a basic synopsis of theurgy even for those who have never heard of it. This article also serves as a basic introduction to what The Divine Science Online is, and what we do.

Magic as a Divine Science | View PDF

The thesis of The Divine Science Online, and how our lineage views theurgy and magic. This article contains the essential philosophical points of the true nature of magic, what its essential purpose is, and how it serves to bring the mystic directly to God. For readers wondering what our essential philosophies are, and what approach we take to magic and mysticism, this is the article that should be read. It highlights the antiquity of viewing theurgy as a mystical path, seeing theurgy as the heart of all magic, and indicates the necessity of returning “magic” to its roots as a divine science.

Why Pursue Theurgy | View PDF

The basic benefits of theurgy are discussed in this article, as well as several reasons why some students and seekers have found it preferable to other paths. It clearly states that theurgy is not inherently better than any other form of mysticism, while still providing common reasons that some kinds of people will be drawn to it. Key amongst these reasons is the general familiarity of Greek and theurgic philosophy to the modern western man, and the lack of a clear cultural distinction, such as Taoism has with China, or Yoga with India. Thus, it has no inherent cultural limitations or boundaries in today’s world.

The Origin and Nature of Theurgy | View PDF

A general lecture regarding the essential aspects of theurgy which identifiably make it theurgy instead of something else. The article discusses very basic information regarding the founding of theurgy, a few of its key proponents and sages, its root in a Greco-Egyptian synthesis of mysticism, and the beneficial nature and purpose of the system.

A History of our Tradtion | View PDF

This article connects the dots from current day Theurgy, all the way back to Pythagoras. A task that could not have been undertaken without certain knowledge that was not revealed until now. The introduction is on our site but you will have to download the PDF version for the full article, as it is quite long.

Daily Spiritual Practice | View PDF

This article goes over the foundational elements of a daily spiritual practice. Taking a holistic approach, it covers simple, effective and eternally useful exercises for purifying and strengthening the body, mind and soul. A great starter’s guide for all spiritual seekers no matter what path of spiritual evolution they end up on.

Theology in Theurgy | View PDF

For the beginning student, and especially one who comes from a strong religious background, the mystical theology may seem foreign and uncomfortable. Some ask if pantheons, gods, angels, etc, are even necessary for a clear progression in mysticism. This article addresses those issues. It reassures the potential student of theurgy that no religious obligations are necessary to follow this path; there are no conversions or gods forced upon any student. Instead, it shows that theurgy is a transcendental system which unifies all good religions, and that therefore any person can make it agreeable to his native religion. It also demonstrates systematically why a theology is necessary, and why a hierarchical system is used.

On ScriptureView PDF

Theurgy is an ancient and rich tradition, and like other mystical paths, has its own scripture. In this article the structure of the scriptural tradition (paradosis) within theurgy is discussed, and a basic outline is given for the use and understanding of public readers. Based upon this structure, the viewer will learn a simple but effective means of categorizing all religious and spiritual works. In addition to this, the importance of scriptural study is discussed in detail, connecting scripture to the necessity of having a good teacher. The scriptural doctrine of theurgy has always been a matter of transmission from master to disciple. This article is, therefore, the first and only public presentation of the theurgic doctrine concerning scripture.

Divination | View PDF

The various mantic arts of ancient Egypt and Greece have survived to us unto the present day. So widespread was their practice that even millenia of Christian oppression was unsuitable for wiping them out entirely. Much was undoubtedly lost, but much was preserved thanks to encryptions of various kinds, and thanks to the fear of even the most Christian of rulers, and their desire to know their fates ahead of time.